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Government Relations Contact:

Travis Oliver, Operations Manager


CCRA’s Government Relations Committee is a team of dedicated, community-minded individuals who continuously think outside the box to find ways to implement CCRA’s objective of making Center City a better place to live, work, and play for it residents.  One of the Committee’s main goals is to provide a forum for federal, state, and local government officials to meet our residents and learn their concerns, and vice versa.

Committee Functions

Analysis:  We track state and local policy initiatives that would impact the neighborhood on important issues likes transportation, education, housing, and taxes.  When appropriate, we advise the CCRA Board to take action, such as presenting written or live testimony on pending legislation.

Events:  We host town hall forums with elected officials, meetings with state and local service providers on issues of importance to the community, and bi-partisan candidate debates. 

Police and Safety:  We send representatives to attend monthly community meetings with the police to get updates on their efforts to keep us safe and advise them of concerns brought to our attention by CCRA members.

Task Forces:  We operate task forces on issues like homelessness/panhandling and other special matters that are important to the community and require special coordination with numerous governmental agencies. 

Services:  We try to help resolve neighborhood issues that residents bring to our attention relating to things like licensing and inspection concerns, street conditions, sidewalk cleanliness, and other matters.


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